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Ming Chiao Chapter Show Criteria

Exhibitors must be paid members of the Chapter.

The primary medium of the artwork submitted to Ming Chiao shows must be Chinese or Japanese ink.

Ink may be applied to Asian style “rice” paper or fine woven fabric (silk fabric is preferred).

All methods of ink application are allowed. This would include brushwork and other techniques, such as, using fingernails, fingers, feathers, twigs, flayed bamboo plus marbling and pouring.

Paintings should be framed in a professional and clean manner. Plexiglas is preferred for larger pieces and glass for smaller work. Traditional scrolls can be accepted at the discretion of the show committee, if it is felt that they will be safe from any damage.

Artwork should be prepared for hanging on a wall, except paintings on fans, which can be displayed on Asian style easels, if space is available. Hooks and wire across the back of paintings are required. Position the wire so that the highest point is 2 inches below the top of the frame. Wrap tape around the loose ends of the wire, so that the person hanging the art will not cut themselves.

The artwork should be kept to a reasonable size, commonly considered to approx. 24″ x 36″ (framed) or smaller. Keep in mind that there may be limitations on display space. The show committee may choose not to hang super-sized paintings. Art work should generally be no smaller than 12″ x 12″ (framed).

Stickers with the artist’s name along with title, medium, price, telephone number and tax number should be on the back, not the front, of the art work.

We encourage members to show “original” work. We recommend that artwork that is a copy of a historical painting include a statement, “Interpretation of a painting by (artist).”  Ming Chiao does not accept copies of contemporary paintings for exhibition.

We encourage members to deliver artwork to a show in a protective manner. An ideal protection would be to create a bubble wrap envelope in which you would insert your painting. Attach your name and other pertinent information to the envelope or protective material.

The chapter may plan selected show(s) featuring experimental Asian art, which would be advertised as such. Work may include the following:
• Experimental use of color
• Experimental use of paper or fabric
• Asian art or calligraphy on pottery or other 3-dimensional material